Influence strategies and crisis management

Be prepared to face the worse situations with the best tools

C4 Agency brings together Influence and Crisis Management experts, according to your specific needs and capabilities.


Our offer, based on a comprehensive approach and using innovative pedagogic tools, covers a large spectrum of expertise:

- Influence mechanisms

- Crisis management strategies

- Environmental analysis

- Competitive intelligence

- Sensitive issues communication

- Ethics management

Addressed by Senior international independents experts, it allows you to enhance your resiliency and anticipation capabilities so as to avoid as far as possible the occurrence of critical events and, if not, control, solve and exploit any sensitive situation.

C4 Agency developed the UNIQUE methodology covering all aspects of your company and its environment.


UNIQUE will allow you to:

  • Propose adjustments to increase your structure's efficiency and resiliency

  • Analyze your environment, including different actors who interfere with your strategic objectives, to build up a clear picture of your "battlefield",

  • Identify your critical vulnerabilities, your center of gravity and your essential capacities to preserve them, 

  • Merge all your influence / Communication tools in order to coordinate them and to synchronize their implementation

  • Develop your axis of improvement, exploiting past lessons and data, to prepare a safe future,

  • Propose adjustments to increase your structure's efficiency and resiliency.

 A team of experts, ready to support you

Together, we will build up your strategy of influence to prevent and, if needed, to solve crises, in order to counter your opponents’ actions: strategic cartography, creation/ updating of your narratives, improvement of your e-reputation, opened or indirect actions of communication…A partnership designed to fit your needs will ensure you a quick, efficient and comprehensive answer to your problems.

Prior to crisis : narrative build-up, competitive intelligence, cartography of risks, mergency and crisis plans (PCA, PGC); crisis cell training, coaching and media-training for spokepersons,  experts and leaders.  Influence strategy working out (audiences, synchronisation matrix).

During crisis : crisis systems supporting ; special expertises (terrorism, industry, environmental disasters, CBRN...).

After crisis : Lessons learned ; ajustments and plans updating.

UNIQUE strategy

Understand your environment

Elaborate your narrative

Identify your opponents

Qualify & quantify your resources & needs

Unify your influence & your team

Test your resilency and exploit your  skills


Is a comprehensive process, to ensure you an exhaustive, complete, flexible, suited and efficient solution to your issues.

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